How to Type Accented Characters and URLs on the iPad and iPhone Keyboard

iOS keyboard Accented Characters Tip

Did you know that many keys on the iPhone’s and iPad’s keyboard are hiding additional characters? To type an O with an umlaut, for instance, lightly press and hold the O key – a popover appears with accented variants of O. Now just slide your finger over the Ö and then lift your finger to insert that character. This trick is also useful for getting different dashes (under the Hyphen), different currency symbols (under the $), curly quotes, and more. The most interesting one? When the Period key appears on the main keyboard screen, as it does in Safari or Mail when entering a URL or email address, press and hold on the Period, and you can quickly select from .us, .org, .edu, .net, or .com to finish the address you’re typing.

I do show this in my lesson on the keyboard on both my tutorials for the iPhone and iPad if you’d like to see it in action.

Tutor for iPhone: A Closer Look at the Keyboard
Tutor for iPad: A Closer Look at the Keyboard


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