Adding Notes to Highlighted Text

In this lesson for the Books app on the Mac, I look at how you add a note to your selected text including how you can view all the text that have notes attached to them.

Adding a Note to Text
To add a note to your text, you first select the text you want to add a note too. You’ll see this is very similar to highlighting text. Once you select it, you’ll see a menu popup with various options. One of the options is to add a note. When you add a note, you are also going to highlight the text. You can change the highlight by just clicking on any one of the highlight options. Once you add the note, in addition to the text being highlighted, you’ll see a square using the same color as the highlight next to your highlighted text. This indicates there is a note. When you click on the square, you can see the note and edit it as well.

Viewing all your Text with Notes
To see all your text that have notes attached, you go to the toolbar, and on the left side, there is a ‘Notes’ button. Click on this button to see all your text that is highlighted and that have notes attached to them. The list shows you the chapters that your noted text is in. Click on the triangle on the left side of the chapter to view the individual pages. The notes will show below the highlighted text. To go to the page, click on the page number.

Adding a Note to Highlighted Text
To add a note to text you’ve highlighted, you just click on ‘Add Note’ below the highlighted text when looking at all your highlighted text.

Removing Notes from Text
To remove notes from your text, you click on the selected text on the page, then in the menu that pops up, select “Remove Note.” You can also remove the notes and highlight as well from this menu that pops up.

See this Lesson Action
To see this lesson in action, take a look at the video above.

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