Navigating through a Book

In this lesson for the Books app on the Mac, I look at navigating through a book including viewing the table of contents, showing the scroll bar, and searching a book.

Opening a Book from your Library
To open a book that is in your library, you just double-click on it. You can also hold down the control key and click on the book to show the menu, and then select ‘Read…” When you open a book, it opens to the last page that you’ve read, including if you were reading your book on another device.

Flipping Pages
To go to the next or previous page, you just swipe to the left or right on your trackpad or magic mouse. You can also move the cursor to the left or right edge of the window. When you do this, you will see arrows appear, click on the arrows to go to the next to the previous page.

Viewing Page Numbers
At the bottom of each page is the page number. You can see how many pages are left in the chapter by going to the right of the right page number.

Viewing the Scroll Bar
The scrollbar will appear when you move your cursor down to the very bottom of the book. When you move the scroll bar, you will see a pop up showing what chapter and page numbers you are moving too.

Showing the Toolbar
To view the Toolbar, where you can view the table of contents, go to your library, and search your book, you move your cursor up to the top of the window. When you do this, the toolbar will appear. Move the cursor away from the top, and the toolbar disappears.

Viewing the Table of Contents
To view the book’s table of content, you first show the toolbar, and then you click on the three horizontal lines to the left. From there, the table of Contents will show. Select any chapter to go to that chapter. You can also go to the menu bar and select Go to move to the next or previous chapter in the book.

Searching a Book
To search a book, you again show the toolbar. On the right side of the toolbar will be a magnifying glass. Click on this to show the search field. Type in what you want to search for and the results will show.

See this Lesson Action
To see this lesson in action, take a look at the video above.

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