News App Settings

In this lesson for the News app on the iPad, I look at the News app settings including when you want the News app to use your location, Siri and search settings, when the News app should show “Next Up”, restricting stories in the Today topic, and more.

Opening the Settings for the News App
To view and change the settings for the News app, you open the Settings app on your iPad. The settings for News are not located in the News app itself, they are found in the Settings app for your iPad. Once you open Settings on your iPad, swipe up until you see News.

Location Setting
This sets when you allow the News app to use your location.

Siri & Search Settings
The Siri & Search options set if you would like information from the News app to appear in Search, Look Up, Keyboard, and on the Lock Screen. Also, Siri may learn from and make suggestions based on how you use the app.

You can also create Shortcuts and set if you want the News app, with Siri, to suggest stories, channels, and topics based on Safari and app usage.

The Notifications setting takes you to where you set what type of alerts you like to receive when you get a notification. This includes if you want to include badge app icons for notifications, sounds, previews of stories in a notification, and if you want to group your notifications together.

Background App Refresh
With Background App Refresh on, you allow the News app to refresh it’s content and other items while it is in the background.

Always Show “Next up”
When you are reading a story, you can go to the next story by tapping ‘Next Up.’ If you do not want to use this feature, you can turn it off here.

Show Story Previews
Depending on where the News app gets its stories, you may see a preview before you open a story. You can turn the preview off here.

Restrict Stories in Today
The Today topic shows stories from channels you follow along with other channels. If you want to restrict the Today topic to only show channels that you follow, you turn this on.

See this Lesson Action
To see this lesson in action, take a look at the video above.

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