Options for Viewing Stocks

In this lesson for the Stock app on the iPhone we look at how we can view different information about a stock including what the market cap is and how much the stock went up or down. We also see where we can find a chart and news about a stock.

Viewing Stock Information
When you open the Stocks app you’ll see a list of stocks. To the right of each stock is going to be what the current stock price is. The right of that you will see a number in either a red or green box. If it is red, that means the stock is down over the day, green being that the stock is up. Inside this box is a number. This number is going to be one of three things, the gain or loss of the day, the market cap, or the percentage the stock is up or down. Tap on the the square to cycle between these indicators.

On the bottom half of the display will be one of three things for the highlighted stock. To highlight a stock, you just tap on it. When you tap on it, the bottom card will show the stock statistics. If you swipe to the left you’ll get a chart for that stock. Swipe to the left again and you’ll get new for that stock.

If you rotate your iPhone, you’ll get a larger chart for your selected or highlighted stock. In this chart at the top above the chart itself, you can select the period you want to see charted.

See this Lesson in Action
If you want to see this lesson in action, take a look at the video above.

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