Apple Music ‘For You’ Playlists

In this lesson for iTunes on the Mac, we look at the ‘For You’ section in Apple Music. The ‘For You’ second shows you playlists designed for you as well as other music you may be interested in.

Browsing For You
To browse what Apple is suggesting for you, you go to ‘For You,’ which is below the display in the toolbar in iTunes. Once you select that you’ll see a number of playlists that are curated for you. The contents of the playlist are based on what you’ve listened to as well as what you’ve loved and disliked. Just open up any one of them to see what is in the playlist.

New Music Playlist
The New Music Playlist is new music that Apple thinks you would like based on what you’ve listened to as well as loved and disliked. This list changes on a weekly basis. It’s a good way to discover new music based on the music you’ve listened to and loved.

Favorites Mix
The Favorites Mix is a playlist that includes songs you like and is based on current and older music, not new music. So basically these are songs you’ve played before. This is also based on what you’ve played, loved, and disliked. This list is fun to listen to for nostalgia. I love a lot of classic rock and 80’s music, so I will find a lot of that genre or type of music in this list.

Chill Mix
The Chill Mix is softer music based on songs you’ve listened to, loved, or liked. If you just want to ‘chill’ to music you like, this is the list you may want to listen to. It is also updated on a weekly basis.

Find and Follow Friends
If you have friends who are on Apple Music, you can find them here, and you can listen to what they shared.

Use Listening History
When this is selected, your friends on Apple Music will be able to see the music you play. Also, the music you play will influence your ‘For You’ playlists.

See this Lesson in Action
If you want to see this lesson in action, take a look at the video above.

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