Tutor for iCloud for iPhone iBook now Available

Tutor for Pages-iPhoneI’m happy to announce Tutor for Pages for the iPhone is now available as an iBook download. This tutorial includes all the lessons from Tutor for Pages for the iPhone. Being that it is an iBook, once it is downloaded, you no longer will need an internet connection to view the lessons! This tutorial includes nearly 1 1/2 hours of easy-to-follow videos and covers all the major features of Pages on the iPhone including restoring a previously saved versions, page layouts vs word processing documents, setting up your documents, adding object such as tables and charts, working with images and shapes, tracking changes, and more. If you want to learn more about how Pages can help you on your iPhone, take a look at Tutor for Pages for the iPhone… now available as an iBook.

This iBook is available for Premium Members only. Curious on how much it is to become a Premium Member? You decide what you want to pay!


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